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  1. I wanted to install new servers in my office and i was looking for a good dealer. One of my friends suggested to me to contact Zaco Computers. It is a very good server dealer in India. It does not only provided refurbished IBM servers for my office but also offered IBM server support in India. It has been a year that I am using its services and it ...see full story

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    1. Whenever I need services for HP server maintenance or server support services I choose Zaco Computers. It is the most trusted and reliable service provider for me. It is an HP certified reseller so I do not have to worry about the authenticity of all the hardware they provide me.

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      1. The best thing about Zaco Computers is that it also provides HP server support along with other hp products. Zaco Computers has a pan India network of technicians and System Engineers. This makes them take minimum time to solve any server problem. Zaco Computers is highly recommended if you are looking for refurbished hp servers or server support. ...see full story

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        1. I was recommended Zaco computers for quality server support services. Their technicians exceeded my expectations and are capable of handling all major brands. Recommend them for both HP server maintenance and Dell server maintenance.

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          1. Buying the right server hard disk was not an easy task. But thankfully, Zaco computers came to the rescue and saved me from all the hassle. Because of their vast collection I was able to find a perfect one for my company. I highly recommend Zaco computers to whoever is on the lookout to buy a server hard disk.

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