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Refcon is one of the leading chiller manufacturing companies in Mumbai, India. We offer industrial chilling plants, refrigeration solutions, air heat exchanger, water cooled chillers, flake ice maker and packaged chillers at a reasonable price.


  1. Refcon Chillers is one of the most reliable industrial chiller manufacturers. It provides the best chillers. I am using its reciprocating chillers for my factory for a long time. It provides the minimum temperature of (-)40 degree. All the chillers are working well. I highly recommend Refcon Chillers if you are looking for a good and well-known chi...see full story

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    1. If you are looking for high-quality reciprocating chillers in India then you can buy it from Refcon Chiller. It is a well-known firm which specializes in all kinds of chillers. I have bought their reciprocating chillers for my company which is working very well till now. Their high-standard products make them one of the best reciprocating chillers ...see full story

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      1. Refcon Chillers is known for providing top class refrigeration chillers. Many known companies use these chillers for storage purpose. These chillers are reliable and requires only one-time investment. For my company’s godown, I am currently using Refcon Chillers. I recommend it if you are looking for a good industrial chillers manufacturing compa...see full story

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        1. I am a purchase manager at an OEM and was approached by a Refcon representative, for their screw chillers. I decided to go in for them, and I am very happy with the product and their professional service which has increased productivity of workers on my floor. Also, energy consumption has come down. Best screw chiller manufacturer in India and I ha...see full story

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          1. We are a chemical industry and we were in need of cold storage plant when we first came across Refcon Chillers. They listened to our requirements and guided us very patiently through the selection process. They offered most competitive prices for cold storage plant and an amazing customer service which is why Refcon is our most preferable choice fo...see full story

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