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Cosmetic Surgery Institute provides the finest cosmetic surgery at reasonable prices. So if you are looking for facial, body and breast surgery, we are one stop solution for all your cosmetic surgery needs. Contact us to get consultation.


  1. The Cosmetic Surgery Skin Institute has great surgeons who can perform blepharoplasty in India which is pretty amazing as few of the institutes have that kind of a thing. One of my friends did for it, she absolutely loved. I will be getting it soon.

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    1. The Cosmetic Surgery Skin Institute has the cosmetic surgeon who knows their craft and well aware when it comes to implementation. They have years of practice which makes them master their gift that is a great quality that the institute needs.

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      1. My office working hours are odd and I do not get time for exercise. This led me to put on too much tummy fat. It was too late when I realized it. No workout and exercise were affecting my belly fat. I decided to have a tummy tuck surgery. CSI was my first choice for this as it is a well-known clinic for the tummy tuck in India. I am happy with the ...see full story

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        1. Breast reduction surgery is the best solution for large saggy breast which is a reason of embarrassment for many women. Women with heavy and large breast cannot walk fast and cannot run as it looks so improper and embarrassing. CSI provides surgery for breast reduction in India. I have got this surgery done and the results are very good for me. I r...see full story

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          1. My wife underwent a Tummy tuck in India under CSI. She and I are very happy with the results, and recovery is progressing well after a month. Highly recommend CSI for Tummy tucks.
            Keywords: Abdominoplasty India, Tummy Tuck India

            After thinking about a few months for getting an Abdominoplasty in India, I decided to consult with...see full story

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